Shiatsu treatments

Shiatsu can be very effective for a variety of specific complaints. The approach is holistic and based on traditional Chinese medicine; many factors are therefore taken into consideration in the diagnosis and treatment of pain.

Pain and discomfort can be prevented through regular Shiatsu sessions so as to restore the balance before it manifests physically, emotionally or mentally. It is beneficial for general or specific issues by working with the Yin & Yang of the body and using specific physical and energetic techniques to harmonies imbalances. It is often an incredibly relaxing experience.


Shiatsu for Pregnancy

Shiatsu is can be very supportive during the rapid changes brought about by pregnancy. The treatments support the changes that each trimester brings and are a source of great ease and relaxation during your pregnancy. An opportunity for the mother to be mothered.

Shiatsu supports both the mother and the baby throughout the trimesters of pregnancy, addressing specific complaints as well as general wellbeing and provides an opportunity for you to get in touch with the positive natural changes that occur during your pregnancy.

In the East it is traditionally thought that at least one third of your social, physical and mental functioning is already determined by your experiences in the womb. Pregnancy is regarded as a spiritual practice.


Shiatsu for Bad Backs

Shiatsu approaches back pain from a holistic perspective. Physical pain and imbalances are assessed in the context of work, lifestyle, psychology and personal history. Releasing of muscles and gentle structural corrections to the skeleton are supported with balancing the energetic factors that have brought the body into disharmony.

Emma's Shiatsu and Shiatsu - Shin Tai training combined western anatomy, physiotherapy and gentle osteopathic techniques with eastern systems of diagnosis and treatment. The back bone of her approach is her knowledge and experience of the muscular skeletal system and it's relationship to the energetic systems of the body.